Culture hacks are outstanding options that can be employed to provide little adjustments to the company culture to achieve better results. Culture hacking is gradual and continuous; it is about finding the little things you can add everyday to the company to get a positive and accelerated change in the company.

Culture transformation in a company is a two-fold process. The first requires a structure that builds the company culture and behavior over time. The employees’ behaviors and process play a great role here so you need to pay close attention to these two parameters.

The second process is characterized by the initiatives that the company can embark on maintain and develop the company’s culture when structured changes are taking time to generate results. This is exactly where culture hacking sets in! They are small actions that could have faster impact on culture. A word of caution though, it is a supplement and not a substitute to structured culture change/creation.

Let’s have a look at some culture hacks that you can make use of!

Changing a company’s culture could take a lot of time. However, something needs to be done in the short term as booster shots to move the culture in the right direction. That is why companies seek way to creating and maintaining their company culture.

Many top companies in the have adopted culture hacking. Employers search for possible weak points and loopholes in their company culture and develop quick ways to strengthen them. The first step begins with identification and they do this simultaneously.

Companies with the right culture outperform their competitors by 20%, earn 1.2-1.7% more than their competitors, are 2.1% above the industry benchmarks and they also have a positive correlation with shareholder returns1. This emphasizes the effect of a company’s culture. Let us them look at some productive culture hacks:

  • Organize a cross-training session: It is very important that employees understand their job description (roles and responsibilities) adequately. Cross-training programs will bring all employees from different units in the company together. It is a great way of showing employees how they can all work together to achieve more. It will also help to push a greater level of respect for one another which is a great culture hack
  • Build connections in the workplace: This is a communication policy where the head, which might be a CEO, MD, manager or supervisor steps out of their office to encourage and motivate their employees. It is recommended for mangers to make use of this culture hack. It helps to encourage receptiveness and transparency with the employees which foster an environment for collaboration
  • Always ask your employees’ questions: As the employer, you cannot know what your employees want unless you ask them. Some of them might tell you what they need without you asking, but most of them usually want their boss to ask them. You need information from them, and the easiest way to do that is to ask
  • Surprise your employees: Let your employees know that you appreciate their efforts, and that you value their contribution to the organization. This can be done in a variety of ways; you can take them out to lunch on a special day, you can just bring in a packaged bag of donuts for the whole team to share
  • Monthly “lunch and learns”: This is just an illustration. Instead of having a business meeting at all times, companies can have a monthly “lunch and learns” where team members come together to eat and discuss. This helps to relieve them of the stress at work and enhance interaction
  • Making use of Lottery tickets: At Fitness Premier Clubs, the CEO, Jason Markowicz employs the idea of lotto cards. All the employees would come around to pick cards and the lucky member walks away with the prize. This gives team members the chance to win big and have fun. A certain number of companies like Netflix, Fullcontact, and Moz pay for their employee’s vacation
  • Provide flexible hours: Depending on the type of work companies have for the day, they usually require their employees to come in on a fixed schedule. Brad M. Shaw, President, Dallas Web Design Inc used flexible hours to his advantage to motivate their employees to become better and effective. They provide flexible working schedules, and they recorded an 80% increase in productivity
  • Celebrate with coffee/dinner: The management for example can send all their employees coffee gift cards. They can also have a dinner during the weekend. The way you treat your employees is the same way they will treat your customers. An alternative to that is getting a high-end coffee machine in the work place. The average employee consumes a lot of coffee, so you can just take care of those expenses

Your organization gets sugar rush when required

The company culture is not something that can be developed in a day; it is the life of a company, so you need to address it strategically. Note that you cannot also make changes to it suddenly, it wastes time and energy. Fortunately, there are some cultures hacks that you can use.

Which of these culture hacks do you find interesting to use?



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