Yearly Archives: 2020

How do we do the magic? – A case study of high employee turnover

Imagine that you will grow more than 100% in the coming year and to make that possible you must double your workforce. But what if 30% of your current employees leave? However, the resources, time, and energy you have budgeted … Read More

How to prepare your organization for work from home in the current situation?

The world is upside down. The word unprecedented has lost all meaning in this current situation. More so for businesses who are fighting to maintain business continuity. The challenge we face today is how to make sure that we keep … Read More

Secrets of effective Goal Setting

Goal setting helps in keeping the focus, reflection on what needs to be done, aligning everyone to common objectives. Goal setting is critical in the business world to organize and accomplish company objectives – key among them growth and profitability to … Read More