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Increasing lifetime value for remote and Distributed teams

Measure and enhance the employee experience to improve performance and increase retention.

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Employee Experience is critical to your success

Employee Experience impacts Employee Lifetime Value (eLTV). Creating the right employee experience is difficult. It is even harder in remote and hybrid work settings. Moreover, annual engagement surveys look backwards and leave unanswered questions. By the time managers react, data is already stale. They fail to make an impact. Result? Low ROI!

Unanswered questions?

Are you asking "So what do I do now?" when you see your employee engagement data?

Adjusting with hybrid working

Are your managers struggling to get the work done in a hybrid setting?

Early-stage managers?

Are your new managers really good people managers? Result? High attrition?

Missed objectives?

Teams missing objectives even when they have all the required resources?

Declining participation?

Employee engagement survey participation is declining?

Bias in responses?

Are you sure you are getting honest and open feedback from your employees?

Change at scale based on fresh and timely data

An employee experience platform that makes it fun for Employees to give actionable feedback that Managers can implement.


Gain insights into the issues preventing optimal performance

Discover the specific things decreasing effectiveness and lowering engagement

Don't just measure it. Change it!

Enable your employees to be lifelong learners. Keep challenging and growing them

Sustain an appreciative culture

Appreciate your teams by introducing fun into every day

Make it easy and fun for employees to give feedback

Remove friction points that cause employees to stop giving feedback.

Employee Experience Platform That Executives Love

"Before Culturro, most of the things related to culture were at an abstract gut level. My team now knows that their voice is being heard and cared for. Most importantly, they have removed the blind spot we had regarding managers."
Chirag Jain
CEO, Get My Parking
"Culturro's platform, Agnya, has helped us in getting clear and action-inducing insights. It is the best way to collect anonymous employee feedback."

Prashanth BN
AVP - Technology, Byju's
"Culturro’s tech platform Agnya is a mirror to your organization’s culture. We got better clarity on action points to improve the employee experience. In a short time, we saw a tremendous improvement throughout the organization."
Sudeep Sabat
COO, Mukunda Foods

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