Employee Recognition

Appreciate & Recognize

Build and Sustain An Appreciation Culture

Allow your culture to shine through peer recognition of company values or any big or small action by employees.

Simple yet effective

Easy and simple for employees to give their colleagues a simple pat on the back for doing great work or a compliment for demonstrating a company value.

Recognize where work happens

Remote and hybrid work modes have made it difficult for employees to recognize each other's good work. Simple commands in the employees' flow of work make recognition accessible.

Gamified dashboards and reports

Gamified dashboards and certificates let you identify who got the most recognition. Monthly reports based on demographics allow you to make your rewards objective.

Employee recognition is a crucial piece of your organization's employee experience

Making employee recognition an integral part of your company's culture is not only crucial but also hard. Recognition allows performing individuals to shine and your company's values to come to the fore. It needs to be simple, accessible, and social.

A pat on the back for big or small acts

From a simple thank you to your colleague for supporting you when you needed or recognizing a team for delivering on a tight deadline. No act is small to be recognized.

A simple pat on the back, including an appreciative message, spreads happiness, improves employee engagement, and brings people together.

A value compliment for living the company's values

How do you take your company's values beyond the posters on the walls? Propagating values into daily behaviors is hard. Examples need to be set.

But, more importantly, recognizing someone who lives the values in real life openly is vital to creating stickiness.

"I love the pat on back feature where people can appreciate each other by giving pats, this gets recorded and I recognize the people who got most pats every month and also those who have the most.

Building a culture where people appreciate each other regularly was lacking earlier."

Chirag Jain
CEO, Get My Parking

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