Nudge Engine

Make Change Real

Change the behaviors that matter

The only Employee Experience platform that turns data into behavior change through an integrated nudge engine.

Personalized to every individual's needs

Different individuals in your company need help to create different habits. With our adaptable and data-driven nudge engine, support your employees to develop the habits they need in their work life.

Based on Behavioral Science

4000+ scientifically designed nudges to solve all employee experience, leadership, managerial, and other daily challenges for team members. These nudges guide your team members to take the right steps every time.

Adaptable engine that learns based on feedback

Every individual has a unique learning style. Our nudge engine adapts based on every individual's feedback. As a result, employees get nudges that work for them.

Bridge the gap between employee experience data and change

Behaviors drive employee experience. Yet employee experience change becomes a victim of chance and individual interpretation. Not anymore! With Culturro's integrated nudge engine, you can initiate behavior change seamlessly based on captured data. ​

Make Leaders and Managers better at people management

Leaders' and managers' working styles drive 80% of the team's experience. Your people managers need handholding on how to create better experiences for their teams.

Culturro's nudge engine provides simple yet actionable tips that your people managers can implement daily while interacting with their teams.

Employee Experience Measurement

Include Individual Contributors in the change process

Building new habits is a two-way process. Colleagues and team members can help each other change working behaviors to make life better for everyone around them.

Unleash the power of 2-way nudging to make them part of the change process. When colleagues nudge each other, sustainable habits and culture get created.

Solve specific challenges with custom nudges

Are you looking to create a high-performance culture? Or enable the sales team to sell more? Or make D&IE initiatives part of everyday life? Or creating better remote working habits?

Just tell us, and our experts will create custom nudges for you. All these are delivered to your employees in their daily flow of work.​

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of users find the nudges helpful in their daily work life.
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managers see a measured improvement in their leadership and managerial styles.
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teams see a positive change in employee experience parameters.

"Within 3 months, we saw a significant change in the way our teams worked with each other. Managers became better at handling people problems. Employees were collaborating more with each other.

Overall working relationships improved that showed in our department's performance "

Prashanth BN
AVP - Technology, Byju's

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