About Us

Enabling organizations unlock human potential to create a strategic advantage.

Our mission is to create people technology that delivers tangible and measurable value to customers.

Employee engagement is broken. Companies working on employee engagement have spent countless dollars expecting ROI. Without luck. Some do create an engaged workforce through impeccable leadership and thought. Whereas others still struggle. Unlocking human potential is not hard. It is to understand what a human wants from a workplace. When employees get the "right" experiences from their leaders, peers, managers, and organization, they go above and beyond. Above and beyond to perform. Above and beyond to stay through thick and think. And above and beyond to bring more like-minded people. This is when the magic happens. We are a bunch of misfits that are not OK with the status quo. We are out to challenge it through non-conventional means.

Our Values


Be honest in all your dealings. However hard it might be


Passion takes us out of our comfort zone to do something that we believe in and gives us new boundaries


We build trust in our universe, what we say and what we do is always in the common interest


Whatever we touch, we constantly aim to make it better


We are mindful of the importance one can have and we do not overpower others with the same

Our Team

Ashish Manchanda

CEO, Founder
Ashish is the Chief Janitor. His favorite past time is to create and solve problems. When not working, he can be found whipping something in the kitchen or busting something on a field or a court.

Archana Mahour

Senior Software Engineer
Archana speaks a weird language that is usually used by aliens. She has her code to run things around. If you are finding this silly, I bet you should check out her applications!

Shiwangi Sinha

Senior Customer Success
Shiwangi is the forever creator and fixer of chaos. She gets things done at the snap of her fingers. When she’s not kicking complete ass at work, she’s busy dreaming about living happily ever after with Fawad Khan.

Utkarsh Goyal

Software Engineer
Utkarsh will never say no. Be it to write code, binge watch Netflix, or eat fast food. Visit him anytime, and you will be sure to find containers of food around him. If you can get him to talk in a non-sleepy voice at 10 AM, you will get a reward.

Anannya Sharma

Human Engineering Expert
Anannya reads what's going on in people's minds, or if not, she is a magician who predicts their future. Just kidding! She is a people person who is warm and compassionate (She thinks!).

Vishal Ravi

Business Development Executive
Vishal loves getting to know people and making new experiences. In his free time, you can find him lazing around with his dog, binge-watching a series, or playing football. When you meet him, ask him for a demo of Air-Football.

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