Employee Experience Platform

Actionable & Real-time

Understand what moves your teams

Employee experience platform that helps you make people and policy decisions with confidence.

Scientifically designed frameworks

Get started instantly with scientifically valid and reliable employee experience frameworks. Measure the core experience parameters that impact employee performance and tenure, aka. Employee Lifetime Value

Makes it fun and engaging for employees

Typical employee engagement surveys are boring for employees to give feedback on several Likert questions. Make it engaging by letting employees control how many questions they want to answer interactively.
What makes Culturro fun?

Recommendations for change

Don't let change become a victim of data deluge. Support your people managers with a set of recommendations that will enable change in their span of control. Provide the right insights to the stakeholders who need them.

Stop "trying" to create Employee Experience and "create" it!

Why remain at a superficial level when you can go deep? Culturro is the only employee experience platform that provides an in-depth view of your company's employee experience, its drivers, and its impact on employee turnover.

Use scientifically designed Employee Experience assessments

Designing your own frameworks and questions is hard. It is even harder to ensure that they give you the correct data. Our assessment has got you covered.​

Design custom Pulse & Employee Surveys

Get complete flexibility of pulse and employee surveys you want to conduct. Is it a new policy you have launched? Or do you want feedback on the onboarding process? Launch at the click of a button.​

Measure the drivers for employee experience

Good or bad, employee experience doesn't just happen. It gets created daily. People managers create experiences for their teams.​

Predict future employee turnover

Do you know what's causing your employees to leave? Get a better insight into the causes of potential employee turnover. Find out which actions are working and which ones need more attention, then focus on the ones that matter.

"Before Culturro, most of the things related to culture were at an abstract gut level. My team now knows that their voice is being heard and cared for.

Most importantly, they have removed the blind spot we had regarding managers."

Chirag Jain
CEO, Get My Parking

Stop settling for sub-par solutions

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