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Try Culturro, an all-in-one employee experience solution that helps reduce employee turnover and create a high-performance culture in your organization.

Why is Culturro the best option for an Employee Experience Software?

Holistic Change

Employee experience is not just about data. It is about the daily behaviors in an organization. Culturro provides relevant data and enables behavior change across the organization.

Engaging & Fun

Likert scale questions are boring to answer. After a while, the participation rates drop. Give your employees Culturro's interactive platform that converses with employees in natural language.


Culturro's holistic change platform brings higher value to your organization. The best part? You can do it without burning a hole in your pocket.

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4 Reasons why Culturro beats all other Employee Engagement software

Go Beyond Data

Make change the center of your employee engagement strategy. Creating engagement goes beyond data and insights. This is where Culturro stands out.

Solution Driven Approach

Every organization is unique with its unique challenges. We work with you to understand your organizational challenges and provide a solution that works.

Enable Managers

People managers are the soul of any organization. They need hand-holding to provide the right experiences to their teams. Culturro keeps people managers at the center of all change.

Higher ROI

With Culturro, you will spend less to generate more value. You can measure this value in lower employee turnover, higher performance, higher completion of OKRs, and many more signals.

"Culturro's platform has helped us in getting clear and action-inducing insights.

It is the best way to collect anonymous employee feedback."

Prashanth BN
AVP Technology, Byju's

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Culturro works on the principle that Employee Experience platforms need to be anonymous to get actionable and authentic feedback from the employees. That is our core product philosophy.

At every stage of feedback collection, the system informs the user that their feedback will remain anonymous to build lasting trust. Also, our demographic cuts are designed to make it difficult to identify individuals. Across all dashboards, individual employee names are never displayed.

Yes, you can design your trial period. Depending on your need, your trial period can be from 1 to 3 months. You can also decide to try Culturro across the entire organization or one specific function or geography.

Nudges in Culturro’s product are bite-sized microlearning nuggets designed to induce a new habit in individuals. Nudges are scientifically designed based on behavioral science. These nudges work for specific individuals and managers to help solve the employee experience challenges in their span of control.

Also, people managers get behavioral nudges to implement the leadership style and manager effectiveness recommendations.

The bot provides an interactive way to collect employee experience feedback from the employees. Culturro’s bot interacts with the employees in natural language to understand their experiences.

By focusing on experiences, you move bias away from the employee’s feedback. Also, different individuals will score the same experiences differently. By using Culturro’s bot to collect feedback, you eliminate these biases. Hence, the data you gather is more reliable.

Yes! Just explain the behavioral problem you are trying to solve, and our behavioral expert teams will work on designing custom nudges.

Be it embedding your company values deep in employee behavior or fixing any other commonly prevalent behavioral challenges in the team. You can design and implement custom nudges to solve them all.

Yes! Just describe the problem you are trying to measure, and our experts will design questions for you. While designing questions, we keep all the best practices in mind to ensure that the questions are clear, concise, and accurate for the intent they are being used for.

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