GetMyParking’s change in Workplace Experience led to a boost in employee productivity


Problem Context

GetMyParking(GMP) is a leading Smart Parking platform for smart cities. GMP’s end-to-end digitization platform provides a real-time bird’s eye view of all parking information to urban commuters, parking management companies, and the city administration.

GMP’s founding team needed a deeper understanding of the company’s culture. Moreover, they also required support to codify the culture that had borne fruit for the company in its early days. This codification became imperative as the company grew and the span of control of culture started falling into the hands of middle management.

Culturro partnered with GMP at a time when the company was growing rapidly and needed a structure to align the entire organization. Culturro’s objective was to build on the inherent strengths and iron out the weak areas in the company’s culture to align it to GMP’s objectives and in turn boost employee productivity.

Culturro’s Intervention

Culturro’s intervention started with doing an in-depth assessment of GMP’s Workplace Experience(WE). Culturro ran a 1.5-month assessment exercise in which we quantified GMP’s Workplace Experience across 10 KPIs and 30 Sub-KPIs to be able to pinpoint strength and weakness areas for the organization. Once clear of the problem at hand, Culturro’s team designed and executed a yearlong intervention plan that spanned across Strategic HR (including process and policy redesign), measurement of leadership styles and managerial styles of people managers, and codifying culture through behavioral and structural changes in the organization.

Culturro’s Impact


The work is still on, but Culturro was able to deliver tangible value in a short span of time for GMP. In the recently conducted midyear assessment, Culturro measured a tangible increase of 21.5% in Workplace Experience(WE) score signifying higher levels of culture alignment in the organization than before. This was also complemented by a net increase of 8-30% increase in various WE KPIs and a 26% increase in the company’s eNPS. All this collectively culminated in an increase of employee productivity by 8.5%, which meant a tangible 600% ROI for GMP.

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