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Attrition: termite for a company

Attrition- an eight-letter word that is currently an 11 digit problem for India Inc. Our rapidly growing formal sector is now 120 million strong, on the back of strong entrepreneurship and enhanced scale. Unfortunately, this breakneck speed of growth has also … Read More

Managers can make or break company growth.

When a company goes through a fast-paced growth phase, the absence of a proper infrastructure to provide stability can be a fatal cavity. It’s like building a tower on top of hollow pillars. It’ll eventually come crashing down.  With no … Read More

This company’s employee turnover went from 120% to 23% in one year

High employee turnover can be deadly. Imagine that you will grow more than 100% in the coming year and to make that possible you must double your workforce. But what if 40% of your current employees leave? However, the resources, … Read More

How to prepare your organization for work from home in the current situation?

The world is upside down. The word unprecedented has lost all meaning in this current situation. More so for businesses who are fighting to maintain business continuity. The challenge we face today is how to make sure that we keep … Read More

Secrets of effective Goal Setting

Goal setting helps in keeping the focus, reflection on what needs to be done, aligning everyone to common objectives. Goal setting is critical in the business world to organize and accomplish company objectives – key among them growth and profitability to … Read More

Mr. CEO, cost of employee experience is much bigger than you thought

What is the real cost of employee experience or let me say the cost of not strategically working on it? I can give you several studies and theories and research, but it will be all in vain. Instead, let me … Read More

An employee-centric organization is indeed a business-centric organization

What does it mean when an organization is said to be employee-centric? Let’s bust the myth. Does it mean giving priority to employees over the business? Does it mean sacrificing performance for happiness? Does it mean giving perks to employees? … Read More

Yes, every stakeholders’ role is critical in crafting your company’s workplace experience

A company’s culture trains its members, systems, and the working environment. A company’s culture affects its stakeholders, customers, and the perception the general populace has about them. Your culture determines your company’s identity. In most cases, the right culture reflects the … Read More

Serious about building culture? You must read these books

Company culture is a complex amalgamation of several attributes, behaviors, and processes that characterize a company. The importance of the right company culture cannot be overemphasized in any organization. In this blog, we present to you the top 5 books … Read More

Being an Affiliative Leader is the secret to creating loyalty

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” — Eleanor Roosevelt 1 Imagine if someone understands your problem in the way you understand it? How would you feel if you know there is someone who would … Read More