Employee Experience

Managers can make or break company growth.

When a company goes through a fast-paced growth phase, the absence of a proper infrastructure to provide stability can be a fatal cavity. It’s like building a tower on top of hollow pillars. It’ll eventually come crashing down.  With no … Read More

This company’s employee turnover went from 120% to 23% in one year

High employee turnover can be deadly. Imagine that you will grow more than 100% in the coming year and to make that possible you must double your workforce. But what if 40% of your current employees leave? However, the resources, … Read More

Human Perspective To The Profit Equation

A couple of months back we were at an entrepreneurship event in Delhi. During the networking session, we spoke to several entrepreneurs and asked them one simple question, what according to them was an imperative factor to judge an organization’s … Read More