Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition in a Hybrid Workplace

Employee recognition in a hybrid workplace is an essential aspect of a company. This blog talks about the importance of employee recognition and how you can do it in a hybrid work environment. Introduction Employee recognition in a hybrid workplace … Read More

Best Practices Of HR

Top 6 Best Practices Of HR Leaders to Take the HR function beyond Recruitment

Recruitment is a crucial focus for fast-growing companies. No one can deny it. After all, how will an organization grow without growing its workforce? This forces the HR teams at these companies to invest a considerable chunk of their entire … Read More

Innovative Employee Engagement

10 Innovative Employee Engagement Ideas That Will Revolutionize Your Workplace in 2022

Employee engagement is essential to creating a happy and productive workforce. It plays a critical role in avoiding the loss of valuable and good talent at the workplace. Employee engagement is also one of the most vital job satisfaction factors, … Read More

Employee Recognition: The Elixir to Employee Performance

Every employee wants to be recognized and appreciated for the work they do because they see it as a form of reward for their efforts. Most employees have shared their experiences and recognizing your employee’s effort will go a long … Read More