Right Culture

If Freud were to analyze your organization

Over a thousand Indian start-ups were launched in the year 2017. Just like newborn babies, these companies took birth with a baton to carve a future better than today. As with a newborn, people are more focused on what new … Read More

It’s Easier To Create The Right Culture At The Beginning: Vandana Sharma, StartupPeopleConsulting

A startup founder is typically trying to solve an existing problem through a new business model. He/she is focused on their lean resources, they are in a continuous race against time, busy scanning the environment and competition, watchful of the … Read More

Wellbeing Can Be A Strong Differentiator For Any Organisation: Lipika Verma, Schneider Electric

‘Changing Workforce Dynamics’ is a critical concern across startups in India. As more millennials join the ecosystem, understanding and deciphering this new age workforce becomes not only critical but also imperative. Millennials think and work differently. Their value set is … Read More

Culture is the DNA of an Organization: Vanishri Deshpande, ConnectEcho Talent Advisors

The dictionary meaning of DNA is, ‘what makes you uniquely you’. The DNA of every individual is unique and is the first differentiator besides all the other qualities that may make him or her unique. Interesting isn’t it? But how … Read More

5 Mantras To Create The Right Workplace Experience: Arun Rao, Director, FOCUS U

The term ‘Workplace Culture’ is a misunderstood term in the corporate dictionary. The minute it is uttered, people think of designer offices, free lunches, TT tables, and gyms within the office. Culturro’s team was in conversation with Arun Rao, Director … Read More

Are you creating organizational culture as a business lever?

“You know, I work at this dingy little place. They talk big, but they don’t walk the talk, the people there are too high headed and my boss is a pain in the neck” How many times have you heard … Read More